Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dr. Phineas Woldolf Steel

Junk Mail Revenge
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My favorite new addiction; Dr. Steel.

Good music. Great artwork. Genius geurilla marketing. Lots of fun.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lolly Shawn?

Shawn lolly 2
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So, my buddy Ed has had this thing lately about drawing silly figures, faces, etc. and then labeling them "Shawn" (me). Not sure how he got started or what his motivation is, but I've had my revenge.

We, "The guys", (Brian, Luke, Ed, Mike & I) get together to "play pool" every Tuesday night. In actuality we haven't played pool in a couple of months and even before that maybe 25% of the time.

Either way...we get together on Tuesday's at Brians; drink some beers, shoot the shit, and just bascially be guys (Ed, Mike & I away from the wives for the night). So this past Tuesday Ed, who is usually my designated driver, calls and tells me his wife needs to work some odd hours so he's home with the kids. He can't make it.

So I spent the entire night drawing "Ed" pictures in retaliation for all the "Shawn" pictures, two of which, I might add, Ed has gleefully stuck to Brian's refrigerator like a nine year old trying to impress mom & dad.

By the end of the night I had ended up with, I think, six seperate "Ed" sketches and had, in like fashion, stuck them all to the refrigerator. Next Tuesday being Christmas I doubt we'll be "playing pool" @ Brian's, but I can't wait until the next Tuesday and see Ed's reaction. We all had a good laugh at the sketches at Ed's expense this week and it should be a fun night.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Steel Cable
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So...I've suffered from migraines for about the past seven (?) years. They happen semi-irregularly and relatively infrequently to the tune of about 1-3 per month (I guess that's not so "infrequently, really). I'll get a reprieve for a while and then get hit with several over a few days (on several occasions more than one in a single day, like today). I think my record is five migraines in a seven day period.

The worst migraine I can recall left me so naseous I had to retire to the bedroom while my wife cooked dinner as the smell was more than I could handle. I remember lying in bed with this sick, throbbing sensation in my skull and imagining that a fat, rusted, frayed wire cable was being pulled slowly and rythmically through my optic nerve. It's the worse feeling I can remember.

And nothing I could do about it. Just lie there. And wait for it to be done with me.

When I first started getting migraines I didn't mess with them. I just told the boss and went home and went to bed. As their frequency increased, however, I realized that was no long an option and started to fight through them which left me in very rough shape. More often than not I'd just end up making things worse and going home more sick than I had been anyway.

So it's a fun game to play. I try and pick my battles. I can usually tell at the onset how bad they're going to be to some degree and so I work through the ones I think I can (like the two today) and save my "I'm going home" days for the ones that really beat me up.

It's the best "remedy" I've found so far.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Man I love

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My best bud in the whole world, Mr. Kel7alpha. He lives far too far away so I only get to see him once or twice a year. Have known him for about five years, but he's quickly become one of the best friends I've ever known.

I love ya, bro!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Secret Service Agent

Heavy Assault & Urban Tactics
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Yeah...I shoulda been a Secret Service Agent. Sure would beat the hell out of Appliance Service Department Manager. Great benefits, too. 26 paid vacation days per year. 13 cumalitve, paid sick days per year with no cap. Good pay. Travel. Shoot people! 8D

Seriously, though... I always wonder if I should've pursued my dream of being a coppice man. Think it may have suited me very well, but I'm probably a little on the old side to find out now.

/me resumes filing warranty claims...