Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things I Don't Understand

From Seth Godin's Blog

Could you make a list? A list of things that you probably could understand if you put your mind to it, but don't.

1. Why do I work 40+ hours a week at a job I hate to earn money to buy things I don't really need?

2. What, exactly, is the Federal Reserve?

3. Why do we let the Governmet control so much of our lives and take so much of our money if we're all (moslty) convinced that they're a corrupt, immoral, ineffectual bunch of buffoons, anyway?

4. Why does beer have such a negative reputation in this country?

5. What ever happened to the Pub?

6. Why am I having such a tough time with the letter "T" on my keyboard today? Especially when that "T" is the final letter in a sentence (I just had to go back and add a "T" to "corrupt" in number 3 above)?

Do I really need to be carrying...

Three. Bloody. Freaking. Phones?

Three of 'em this week while at work. My work landline cordless. My personal cell phone and my biz cell phone since I'm on call. I don't have enough bloody pockets. And what do I do when all three are ringing?

I'll tell ya what to do when all three are ringing (and the land line may even have two calls holding and waiting for me).

Ignore them. All three of them. And wander down to the pub for a pint.

I really need to get off this roller coaster...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Future Has Let Us Down

Tom Hodgkins writes in "The Freedom Manifesto":

"But I don't think about the future; I think about the present. The future is a capitalist construct. The past teaches us that the future has let us down many, many times.".

Now I don't agree with Hodgkin's entire philosophy. In fact, there are many, many points I would gladly sit in a pub, over a few pints, and gleefully argue, however there is a great deal that I have learned in reading this, his latest book.

I would suggest reading through "The Freedom Manifest", but keep your feet firmly upon the ground while doing so and ensure the clouds are above your head.

But wonder. Just wonder... What would life be like if I convinced myself that I can do what I really want to do? I only need realize that The Matrix has me. ;-)

"The past teaches us that the future has let us down many, many times."

Rat Race

Rat Race
Originally uploaded by Lady Libertine
I wanna quit the race.

I want off the merry-go-round.

I want outta the game.

So, what's it gonna take? A small farm house in the country with a garden and a few animals? Growing my own vegetables, slaughtering my own beef and pork? Growing my own hops & grain and brewing my own beer? Can it be done? Am I capable? Can I handle it?

What are the alternatives?

Where else is there to go?

How much more money do I need to give to my government to squander on projects I don't care about, to support causes I object to give to people who are just too damn lazy to work for themselves?

How many more hours should I devote to a job I hate? How many more days, weeks, years?

When does the madness stop and what, please tell me, can I do about it?

Monday, March 3, 2008


Superman In Flames
Originally uploaded by Reid Harris Cooper
Ya know what? I'm a remarkable person and I need to start doing remarkable things.

I"ve fed myself the lie that I'm "normal" for so long that I've become what I detest: Mediocre.

Mediocrity is the real-life kryptonite that saps the creative powers from the real the real-life Superman.